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JANINE MAPURUNGA, a native of Brazil, relocated to the United States in 1997. To her, photography was a way to both understand her new surroundings and speak a familiar language. She studied under renowned photojournalist Andy DeLucia, who introduced her to the world of documentary photography. Janine holds a BA in Cultural Anthropology from UC Davis and a MFA in Artistic Production and Research from the University of Barcelona. As her cross-disciplinary training suggests, she is concerned with the origin, nature and destiny of her subjects.

Janine’s work is distinguished by technical precision combined with warmth and humanity. She finds moments rather than creating them. Her versatility and intimate documentary form allow her access to what might otherwise be the unseen image.

Besides her commercial work, Janine dedicates her time developing socially-focused projects and teaching. Her teaching journey begun in 2004, when she became the first female faculty member to teach photography at the Sacramento City College, in Northern California. She frequently teaches workshops in beginning and advanced photography methods. Contact her at janine@mapurunga.com for availability in your location.