Kiera & Bradford

“Janine did an incredible job photographing our wedding. She captured the essence of our day, which was important as we chose not to have a videographer. Her pictures tell a better story than any video could. She certainly blended in that day. I don't recall ever seeing her during the ceremony or reception! You can tell that her work is her passion, and she will treat your special occasion like it's her own. Two years and one child later, I still love looking at my wedding photos and seeing the tearful pride on my parents' faces, the joy in my brother's stride, and the love in my husband's eyes. We have those moments forever locked in the beautiful images Janine created for us."

“Thank you so much! WE LOVE THE PHOTOS!!!”

Kiera Mickiewicz and Bradford Anderson
– Sacramento, CA


“Hi honey,

Oh, don't even know how to begin to let you know how much we love the wedding photos. They are stunning and beautiful. You captured the evening perfectly. Can't thank you enough. You are simply amazing. Kiera is over the moon about them. She called with such excitement and happiness. So much to sort though and decide. It will be hard. Hope this finds you happy and healthy.”

“Thanks so much Janine!”

Love, Erin Mickiewicz
(Kiera Mickiewicz’s mom)

Lauren & Tom

“I had no idea how to hire a photographer. Luckily, we found Janine. Since my now husband Tom, is a professional photographer himself, he was a hard sell. However, after speaking with her we knew we found just the right person for our special day. I wanted someone who could capture not only the gorgeousness of it all, but also the varied emotions we all would express. Tom wanted someone who knew photography inside and out. We both wanted someone who could tell our story in pictures – a photojournalist at heart. Janine, a joy to work with, captured EVERYTHING. She delivered the goods with quality, professionalism, and her own creative edge. Now that our daughter has arrived, we are looking forward to telling her story in pictures with Janine’s keen eye, human touch, and lightning-fast shutter finger. Safe to say I’ll be married once, but hire Janine many times over.”

Lauren and Tom Muscatine
- Napa, CA

Jenn & Jeff

"The hundreds of images I have of our wedding take me instantly back to the day, and every time I look at them (still quite frequently), I can feel the crisp wind, the warm sun. I can see the clouds racing across the sky, making a dramatic backdrop to the happiest day.  Janine became instantly a dear friend.  She even coaxed a smile from my father, one who rarely allowed himself to be photographed. Janine has a true gift for seeing the joy and celebration of life everywhere around her."

Jenn and Jeff Marks
– American Canyon, CA

Yoly & Valentín

"Dear Janine,
Thank you so much for the amazing photos you took of our wedding. You captured the beauty and excitement of the day in a way that brings me back there every time I see the photos. You documented all the little "scenes" that happened - Vale and I stealing kisses, the older folks talking at the table, the preparations in the kitchen, even the little ones playing. Somehow you managed to be witness to all these scenes, without us taking notice that you were there snapping photos! I love the spontaneous style of the photographs. Your pictures are truly unique works of art. The Spanish-speaking side of our family loved that you could speak to them!

Thank you so much, Janine!”

Yoly Stroeve and Valentín Almanza
- Sonoma, CA

Jenevora & Fergus

"Janine was the photographer at our wedding in Sri Lanka and both my wife and I were absolutely delighted with the results. Not only were the photos simply stunning and covering all of the angles we wanted, but Janine was lovely and went above and beyond our expectations.

Thank you so much!”

Jenevora and Fergus Dunipace
– Galle, Sri Lanka

Larissa & Nick

"The moment I met Janine, I knew she would be our photographer. She was fun and lighthearted yet confident and capable. She had great style and I knew the pictures would reflect that. She did an amazing job. We love the pictures and the album she created for us is absolutely beautiful. She was a welcome guest at our wedding and it has been a pleasure knowing her ever since. I highly recommend Janine. It would have been foolish to go with anyone else!"

Larissa Pease and Nick Kosla
- Sacramento, CA

Yvette & Brian

"My husband and I hired Janine after looking through many different photographers. Her unique photojournalistic style caught my attention right away! When we met Janine she was very personable and wanted to make our special day as special as we dreamed it would be. At the wedding she was very present and caught every special moment and every emotion. I highly recommend Janine to anyone who wants to capture their memories in a beautiful and creative way. If you're going to go all out on anything, make it your photos! Get the best! They last forever.”

Yvette and Brian Horst
- Sacramento, CA

Megan & Daniel

"Janine's genuine and outgoing personality placed her above being just the photographer, she became a part of our wedding. Janine has an amazing eye for creating art and capturing the emotion of the day in all her photographs. Her kind spirit and love for her craft recently compelled me to invite her to photograph another important moment in our life, the birth of our son.”

Megan and Daniel Rolleri
- Las Vegas, NV

Katy & James

“Janine was the photographer for my engagement, wedding, pregnancy, and baby. I have known Janine from the beginning as she entered the field of photography. She went above and beyond to travel with us and take engagement photos at our desired location. As for my wedding photos, I was pleasantly surprised by how she made every shot a detailed work of art – my dress, the light, the brief expressions.  Her sense of humor set a nervous bride at ease.  Her perfectionist manner yielded so many photos so that I couldn’t help but have every shot I wanted. I can move onto the heartfelt pictures she took of my big baby belly and then, my two-month-old son. Her photos are such a treasure; they hang in prominent locations around our house. I highly recommend her professional and light-hearted demeanor combined with her passionate artistic photography.”

Katy and James Brown
– Sacramento, CA